Smart Devices Tap into AI After Developing Brain-Like Properties

πŸ”— - University of Central Florida

Starving Chinese citizens urban-hunting using drones to survive

πŸ”— - reddit

He re-created his imaginary friend with AI β€” and it tried to kill him

πŸ”— - Input Mag

Here’s Why VRChat is the New (Old) Internet

πŸ”— - Straszfilms @ Youtube

Web3 is going just great …

πŸ”— -

Intel calls its AI that detects student emotions a teaching tool. Others call it ‘morally reprehensible.’

πŸ”— - Protocol

The death of beloved metaverse can teach us how to let go

πŸ”— - Polygon

On NYT Magazine on AI: Resist the Urge to be Impressed

πŸ”— - Emily M. Bender, Professor, Linguistics, University of Washington // Faculty Director, Professional MS Program in Computational Linguistics (CLMS)

A.I. Is Mastering Language. Should We Trust What It Says?

πŸ”— - New York Times Magazine

Android Head Learning to Express Emotion

πŸ”— - Input Mag

A Crater On The Planet Mars in 8K

πŸ”— - SeΓ‘n Doran

Towards a Digital Pluriverse

πŸ”— -

Mold Time-lapse

πŸ”— - Nikolay A Lariontsev

GPT-4 Is Coming Soon. Here’s What We Know About It

πŸ”— - Alberto Romero, Analyst at CambrianAI @ towardsdatascience

And so it begins… Welcome to Ipermedia

πŸ”— - Simone Verduci

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